Astrology readings

Birth Chart Reading 

Your birth chart is a unique and personal map. In it is encoded a matrix of possibilities and potentials in your life that help you to grow, develop and experience, as you write the unfolding story of you and your life.

In a birth chart reading, I will explore, together with you, your life’s purpose, as well as the central motifs and stories that are part of your birth chart. This reveals a different perspective from which you can view your life. This perspective is an empowering one, from which you can align with your truth, and the gifts of your unique and individual being.

Wherever you are on your path, Astrology is a powerful tool that can help you navigate with clarity and understanding your life and journey in the present moment. In this reading, we will cover your current concerns and questions, and explore the potentials and gifts within your birth chart.

We will look at your big vision and purpose, and explore how you can fulfill and live your purpose.

We will explore the astrology of relationships to provide you with an understanding of your unique relationship needs and patterns.

We will also discuss the astrology of your calling and career, and how you can maximize your potential in this area.

We will look at the astrology of the moment and its influences on your birth chart and in your life.

We usually finish with a forecast of the planetary influences to come, what to expect, how to best make use of the coming transits, and how to work with them.

In working with you, it is my aim to offer to you clarity, empowerment and support, in aligning with your passion and your truth. Ask me anything here.I am currently offering readings over Skype. All readings come with an mp3 recording that is sent to your email after our meeting. The birth chart reading is 110 USD / 380 MY (*1 hour session)

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150 USD / 550 MY (*1 1/2 hour session)

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Love and Relationships

Are you yearning to connect with your partner in a deeper and more authentic way?

Have you ever wondered at the mysterious complexities that lie at the heart of your relationships?

Do you wish to relate to yourself and others in a more empowering and authentic way?

Are you and your partner wanting to understand how you both can give to each other in a relationship that is filled with deeper understanding, connection, love and trust?

Relationships are a mysterious alchemy. Meeting the other in a partnership often requires that we bravely face the issues, anxieties and fears that we have, the barriers that are holding us back from loving, and from relaxing into trust and harmony. Sometimes, it takes alot for us to work through these issues, individually, or with our partners.

This is where Astrology can help. We each have a unique set of needs that we bring into our relationships. In our reading, we will illuminate each individual’s love and nurturing needs and style. This is empowering for the relationship as partners come to understand how they can better love each other in a way that the other yearns to be loved.

In relationships, we often have unconscious expectations that we project unto our partners, hoping that these expectations get met.

We will gently explore these patterns with the aim of understanding them, so that we can transform them, and meet our partners with greater love, clarity and understanding.

We will speak to the strength, love and beauty each partner brings to the relationship, the dynamics between your charts, and how to work with these dynamics to experience greater love, support and synergy between the two of you.

Have questions? Wondering how you can best work with me? Ask me anything here.

I am currently offering readings over Skype. All readings come with an mp3 recording that is sent to your email after our meeting.

I offer several different relationship readings.


Relationship Synastry

In the Synastry reading, we will first explore each individual’s chart, and speak about what each person brings to the relationship. Then, we will look at the synastry, which is the chemistry or dynamic between two charts. Synastry shows us how the different facets of ourselves in interaction with the other.

The Synastry reading 160 USD/ 480 MYR (*1 hour session)

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200 USD / 600 MYR (*1 hour 1/2 session)

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Composite Chart reading 

With the Composite Chart reading, we explore the unique essence, life and purpose of your relationship. Where Synastry tells us of the dynamics between the two of you, and how you relate to each other, the Composite chart is an independent, third ‘field’ or entity that is born by the two of you.

In reading the Composite chart, we will discuss the central purpose, and life of the relationship. You will discover what brings vitality and nourishment to your relationship, and how you each contribute to your relationship’s strengths. We will also look at the heart of your relationship, it’s emotional signature. Here is the emotional life of the relationship. We will look at and discuss how you can connect to the relationship, and to each other in a deeper, more authentic and nurturing way. Some of the other things we may talk about include communication patterns in your relationship, your intimate life and how others percieve or experience your relationship, the role of your relationship in your family or society.

The Composite Chart reading 160 USD or 480 MYR (*1 hour session)

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200 USD or 600 MYR (*1 1/2 hour session)

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Relationship package

Two sessions of an hour and a half. This reading includes a comprehensive individual birth chart reading for both partners, the Relationship synastry reading in one session, and the Composite reading in the second session.
The Relationship reading package is 350 USD / 800 MYR.

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On your Birthday, the Sun, from the point of view of the Earth, returns to the same position in the zodiac to when you were born. This is called the Solar return. What will another revolution around the sun bring to you?
The Solar return chart is like an oracle, that speaks to the coming themes that will shape your life and experiences in your coming personal year. With your Solar return reading, you get to understand how you can best work with, and co-create your life with the planetary influences as the year unfolds.

The Solar return chart is based on where you are when the Sun returns to its position in your birth chart. You may choose to travel on your Solar return to change the chart. In traveling to a different location, you may reap the benefits of having a beneficial planet placed at an angle, or diffuse a more potentially difficult aspect.

I can work with you to speak to the possibilities of aligning your wishes and intentions for the year ahead with your Solar return chart. Ask me anything here.

I am currently offering readings over Skype. All readings come with an mp3 recording that is sent to your email after our meeting.

The Solar return reading USD 110 / 380 MYR (* 1 hour session)

The Solar return reading with a rectified location is an hour to an hour and a half  and is USD 150 / 600 MYR

Solar return reading

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Solar return reading with relocation

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