Full Moon in Cancer – Homing Signal, 2nd January 2018 at 10.24 am, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Crossing the threshold into 2018, we encounter the bright and luminous Full Moon in Cancer, welcoming us home.

This is quite a start to the New Year, as the Moon is in her own home sign of Cancer, and opposite to the Sun, Venus, Pluto and the star of the show, Saturn in his own sign of Capricorn. Saturn’s recent ingress into Capricorn brings us to a defining moment as Saturn, strong in his own sign sets up much of the atmosphere, theme and work, not only for this coming year, but for the next two years to come, peaking in 2020.

Saturn in his own Capricornian territory for the next two and a half years can help us to truly form our destinies. The times ahead of us in the next years are truly transformative, not only on the personal level, but in the world at large. Saturn demands realism, integrity and personal responsibility.

On the global level, we are already seeing, and will continue to see more examples of people in places of power who have abused their power, and who are out of alignment with integrity be brought to their fall. Saturn in Capricorn brings a cosmic rebalancing as we move through these times.

In our own lives, we will be asked to look at where we are in or out of balance with integrity and responsibility, and work to build the flaws in our foundation. Where Capricorn is in our natal charts describe where the work and focus for us is. Saturn in Capricorn is the master builder, we have the opportunity now to be on track with our true work. The gift won from Saturn is gaining our own inner and outer mastery. If we are willing to do the work, we can see the realization of our dreams at the end of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn.

So much Capricorn and Saturn at the start of the New Year brings a sombre tone. Venus and Pluto in the mix brings about a certain dark intensity. Where we are at with our life and relationship values, ethics and commitments may be brought to the fore. Opposite to all of this activity is the Moon in Cancer, in a Grand Trine with Neptune and a Jupiter-Mars conjunction. This is an emotional swell that counters the sometimes too stark realism of so much Saturn and Capricorn. Our sensitivities, longing to belong, our soulful inner life and emotions are a homing signal that we can follow to find our own way ‘home’, our place in the world.

The Cancer-Capricorn axis teaches us how to balance the soulful inner/emotional life with the life of mastery/work and achievement. Both poles inform each other, and we need to know and feel our deep roots of belonging so that we can reach the heights of mastery in the world.

Happy New Year. May our path be lit with love and blessings, and we may find our way home, to a sense of belonging with each other and to the world.

Art by Yuri Shwedoff http://www.yurishwedoff.com

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