Leo Lunar Eclipse Hearing the Heart / Healing the Heart 31st January 2018, 9.26 pm Kuala Lumpur

We end the first month of 2018 with a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. The Eclipses have been falling on the Leo/Aquarius axis since late 2016. Eclipses stir the pot and bring to us new trajectories. Often there are chapters endings and new ones beginning. What was brought to light in your light during the Eclipses in February and August last year, and what is coming up for you now? Realizations and revelations emerge under the powerful Lunar light of this time.The Eclipses of last year and this year will influence and affect more powerfully those who have planets or important angles in the Fixed signs.

Leo is the Solar Sign, ruled by the Sun, the royal, magnificent fixed flame of our heart and life essence. In Astrology, Leo rules the heart, and what makes our hearts sing. In each of us is a creative spark of divine essence. This spark and flame is uninhibited and clear in children. What is the state of your heart? Where do you feel your heart flame magnified, and where is it diminished?

These series of Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius have been asking of us to recognize and to mine our gold, that which is our sacred purpose, and what truly brings to us heart joy and contentment.

The Sun and Venus in Aquarius is opposite to the Moon in Leo at this Eclipse. Aquarius is the sign of the community and collective, related to the future, to humanity, technology and innovation. How are we participating in this inter connected collective web of consciousness? What is our role and part in the collective? At its best, Aquarius relates to the vital support networks and loving communities that are necessary for each of us to thrive and grow. The shadow side of Aquarius reveals the malady of our times, that of living exclusively in a headspace, being digitally distracted and addicted, being influenced and subsumed by the group mind. With our increasing dependence on technology, it has become difficult to maintain a connection to our hearts. This Leo Lunar Eclipse can light the way and tell us where we need to be tuning in and dropping into the space of our hearts, so that we can hear and discern the new and important heart directions that are being formed for us now.

This Leo Lunar Eclipse can also highlight the need for a healing of our hearts. The first step in the healing of the heart is to create a space of listening to what it has to say. Listening, feeling, grieving, living and celebrating the heart. Each of us are our own hero and heroine on our own hero or heroine’s journey. Eclipses can be the wild cards that gently or not so gently pull us back to the path. At this Leo Lunar Eclipse may we be engaged with what our hearts have to reveal to us with courage, conviction and love so that we may nurture and bring into the world the unique gifts and purpose only we can bring forth.

Happy Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

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