Rob Sato

New Moon in Capricorn – Center of Gravity 17th January 2018 10:17 am, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The tide and feeling has perceptibly shifted, since Saturn entered the sign of Capricorn near the last Winter Solstice. The dynamism, fire and surprise element of the past years has given way to an Earthy, weighty grounding. There is gravitas, an initial movement and reorientation around this new energy of so much Earth, a searching for our personal center of gravity.
Where we can root down and build is the order of the day, and the theme for the coming year. This New Moon can be considered to be an opening sequence and introduction of what to expect in this couple of years, building up to the monumental stellium in Capricorn in 2020. This stellium (a group of 3 or more planets in the same sign, or house) features the luminaries Sun and Moon, as well as Venus and Pluto.

There is a chthonic rumble and movement brewing. Pluto is lord of the underworld and here he is configured with Saturn, the luminaries and Venus, bringing our awareness to our personal and collective shadow material. The Plutonian process is a searing, intense and often difficult. Together with Saturn, we are stripped bare of illusions. What has broken down and no longer works needs to die, so that we can build, and begin.

This stellium in Capricorn seems to be pointing at the foundational strength of our relationships and our relationship to value, money, success and time. The energy of Saturn and Pluto together can be quite harsh, and we may be shown in no so gentle ways the cracks in our foundation. The good news is it will be quite plain to see where the work is to be done. This New Moon seems to be asking us to shape up, and to break down the elements of what we need to do, step by step to arrive at our personal mountain tops.

Uranus, in the final degrees of Aries makes a tense square aspect to the stellium in Capricorn. Square aspects are a challenge, and Uranus wields lighting bolts and tosses it where we least expect it. This could cause ruptures and rude awakenings as Uranus in Aries is the need to present and embody the new, what is innovative and future reaching. Uranus in Aries is also about the liberation of the self from the rigid boundaries and traditions that is symbolized by Saturn and Capricorn.

The Square aspect requires that both sides work dynamically to produce growth and results. Innovation and liberation require discipline and patience for it to make an impact and difference in our lives and in the world. Uranus in Aries is leaving Aries for Taurus soon. We are integrating the final lessons of Uranus in Aries’s teachings of how to be free to courageously be ourselves, within the requirements reality, our boundaries, capabilities and responsibilities.

Uranus in Aries will also challenge the hanging on to tradition for its own sake, and we may be having important conversations, and/or adjustments in our life that can help us to cull and sort what we wish to keep of the old and the new so that we can move forward in a good way.

Still, despite the rumblings that are going on above and below ground, the goat is creature with steady feet. We can take a cue from the mountain goat and find our own center of gravity at this time as we pave our way in the new year.

Happy Capricorn New Moon ~~

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