Colour outside the Lines. Full Moon in Aquarius. 31st July 2015

Happy Blue Moon in Aquarius. The blue moon phenomena happens once every two to three years. Although there has been no special meaning assigned to the blue moon astrologically, this particular full moon has its own particular brand of magic.

The Aquarian full moon encourages us to find and center in our own truth and authenticity. Do we believe in something that sets us apart from others? Can we find the courage inside of ourselves to live our truth and to be ourselves if that means being different? What would it take for us to live centered in our authenticity?

The full moon is a time of ripening. We experience the results and lessons that come from our intentions and actions from previous cycles. What is appearing for you at this time? The full moon in Aquarius lights the path by rapidly firing innovative and eclectic ideas. She invites you to take a clear, detached,bird’s eye view of your life. As we are immersed in the energies of Aquarius’s electric genius, we begin to see where and how we can begin to live more authentically.

Aquarius rules humanitarianism, groups, collectives, communities, friendships as well as technology. We might find our selves being more concerned with what is happening to us collectively, and find inspiration to contribute or participate in endeavors that contribute to the betterment of the collective. This is especially apt with the ongoing political and social crisis in Malaysia.

Along with the social and group focus of the Aquarian full moon, the Sun, being in the sign of Leo encourages us to shine and share our unique gifts. Leo rules the heart, and all that we love. During Leo season, we seek and celebrate pleasure, life and creativity. For Leo, the creativity, joy, playfulness and expression that we offer up to others and to the world is a gift that comes from our hearts, and affirms life and love.

The shadow of Leo is needing attention and applause to feed its own sense of special-ness. Here, the Aquarian moon prods us to speak and to honor our truth, even if that costs us our popularity. The Aquarian shadow is that of being too detached and aloof, even as it purports to further humanity. Here, the warmth and heart of Leo can bring more color and life to Aquarius’s projects. With the full moon polarities, we are asked to balance and integrate the best of both energies.

May this full moon light our hearts up with joyful love and creativity, as we find the freedom to colour outside the lines and to live and create outside the box.

Image by Kerri Smith


A sense of belonging. Full Moon in Capricorn. 2nd July 2015

Full moons are a time of culmination and illumination. At this time we are brimming over with energy, with fullness and emotion. What is being shown to you and what is it that you are experiencing?

This month’s full moon falls on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. We might experience heightened emotion around our work, and in our home and familial relations.

If we can observe the emotions and tensions around our relationship to our work, with our emotional lives, and our loves ones, we can better make adjustments between our responsibilities in the world, and with our emotional and home lives.

Do you feel a sense of belonging in the world, in your family and in your work? Does your work nourish yourself and others? Does your work reflect who you truly are, or want to be? Where is there a conflict between your home/family life and your responsibilities and work in the world?

We can use the emotional awareness of this full moon time to create a space that honors our need for belonging, connection, nourishment and support. This is true for our emotional lives and inner experience, as well as feeling a sense of belonging and achievement in the world.

Think back to the Winter solstice of last year, and to the vision of your life that you had then. What resolutions and intentions did you set for this year? If we have not managed to keep our resolutions, this full moon offers a review and opportunity to get clear and back on track with what we envision for ourselves.

One of the gifts of this full moon is the ability to see, with a sober, clear and realistic eye, the emotional patterns and beliefs that hold us back. The potential, with moon conjunct to Pluto is an opportunity for a powerful clearing away and transformation of all that no longer serves us.

Another gift of this full moon day is the brilliant pairing of the bright and beautiful Venus, conjunct to lucky Jupiter. Having seen and worked with our emotional realities, and coming to terms with our visions and goals, we can get back on track as Venus and Jupiter encourages us to believe in, creatively live and express our dreams.

Painting, Family Supper by Ralph Fasanella

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