Alice Newell Hanson

Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde – Mind Space, Vision Space 3rd December 2017, 11:46 pm, Kuala Lumpur

The element of Air sets the tone of this Full Moon in Gemini. Gemini is the first Air Sign in the Zodiacal wheel, our merry trickster and the messenger of the Gods. The air element in Astrology presides over thought, and the weaving together of thought.

Intellectual study, expression, communication, learning, and social exchange are some of the domains of the Air Signs. Of the Air pantheon, Gemini is known as the archetypal trickster and messenger. We can view Gemini’s role as both the trickster and messenger as relating to the function of thought and our minds. Our thoughts have the potential to trick us and to lead us down a garden path. We may struggle with the identification with thought, grappling with our monkey mind, and lose the experience of our whole selves to being in our heads.

On the flip side, and there always is a flip side to Gemini, who presides over duality, is the ability of our minds to be the receptacle for a divine or true message, for our minds to be a vehicle that channels creativity and inspiration, communication as a conduit for the sacred.

It is known in all traditions that words and thoughts can create, alter or charge reality. Everyday we receive in our unconscious spells from the media, advertising, school, Facebook. We cast spells with the words we say to each other. All of us know the dark magic of words that have scarred us and altered how we felt or thought about ourselves. We also hopefully have experienced how a kind word set us on a new and empowered trajectory in our lives.

In the sacred traditions there are Mantras, incantations, meditations to purify our minds, to work with the potent force contained in words, sound, thought. It is a good time at this Gemini Full Moon, to see what spells in the way of your language, your words and thoughts are creating and casting in and around the reality we are all part of, and creatively contributing to.

In considering the Air element, we may also consider Space as a higher octave of Air. In giving ourselves fresh air to breathe, physical, emotional and mental space, we renew ourselves. If we can find the silent space in between the the rush of life, or in between musical notes, or words in our favourite book we might find deeper, newer possibilities, a break beyond surface words and noise, newness, of the world, life and ourselves being breathed into being.

On the same day as the Full Moon, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury goes Retrograde. This is significant and highly symbolic. The retrograde motion of planetary bodies brings about a reversal or disruption to the ‘normal’ way that a planet operates. Hence, the famous feature of Mercury Retrograde, travel mix ups, delays, technical issues, technology breakdowns and communication bungles.

When Mercury goes retrograde, he is seemingly moving backwards from our point of view on Earth, and often we also are drawn into having to go over things a few times, or revisit the past, in the form of people or memories, events from the past surfacing for us to consider. More importantly, and what is less known, is the opportunity that Mercury Retrograde presents. Mercury Retrograde brings about a much needed pause from the constant liner, logic driven narrative of our times, and offers to us an internal, imaginative space, drawing us into reflection. Mercury is now in the sign of Sagittarius, which is said to be in its detriment. It is said that Mercury is in its detriment here because, Sagittarius, in taking in the whole vision, meaning and picture, often misses the open flexibility of Mercury’s process of taking in details, ideas and connecting the dots.

Mercury’s retrogradation at this Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius however will serve us well, if we can patiently sit with a vision and picture that doesn’t quite make sense yet. We are likely to feel the tension and being stretched in different directions as we encounter the T-square of the Sun and Moon to Neptune, all lying at 11 degrees of the Mutable signs. This requires flexibility and an ability to let go.

The T-square of the Moon, Sun and Neptune resemble a piecing together of a visionary dream we have in our hearts. We gather clues, a message, fragments of dreams that have come through, look at the directions laid before us. Gemini offers to think and talk through it while Sagittarius looks at does it best to divine a direction. The crashing waves of Neptune may bring something to our shores, or sweep away a cherished idea or belief we have. This T-square has the potential to bring through a healing message in a bottle, but we may need to be comfortable with ambiguity for now, and sit with the symbols, let them make sense in their own time.

Our retrograde Mercury is also sitting next to Old Man Saturn, at the tail end of his tenure in Sagittarius. This is no accident, we have the opportunity now, to do our retrograde work of the lessons Saturn’s two year stay in Sagittarius. Review, Rework, Redo, Release and Research what we have learned about our moral, spiritual foundations, our true beliefs, our faith and our ideals and how they carry us through life.

This Full Moon in Gemini will bring up the situations and circumstances that relate to this final review. This is a propitious time to become aware of the last stubborn driving beliefs and thoughts, and offer them up to the vision/mind space of this Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde to release and reboot your own, clearer, more inspired vision/ mind space. May it be so.

Have a wonderful Full Moon in Gemini.

Photo by Alice Newell Hanson

Jacek yerka - melt

New Moon in Scorpio – In the belly of the night 18th November 2017 7:42 pm, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This New Moon cycle in the sign of Scorpio feels like a slow and quiet emergence from the underbelly of the night.
New Moons bring new beginnings and in the sign of Scorpio, there is the feeling of something which has been gestating in the dark pushing above ground now. The feeling is one of tranquil intensity and midnight calm before the storm.

The sign of Scorpio presides over the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. The sweet and dark lull of this New Moon has the potential to draw us deeper into our own personal quiet. If we pay attention, we may find feel the inner stirrings to find the fire of life in the embers of the soul. If we listen carefully we may hear inner direction and guidance, towards what we truly love, what must die in our lives, what must be renewed and brought to life again.

This New Moon features Venus and Jupiter, the Sun and Moon, all together in Scorpio. There is still the lingering sweetness of the Venus Jupiter conjunction, exact on the 14th of November present at this New Moon, bringing a decidedly rich and pleasantly dark flavor to this New Moon.

The other side to the Venus-Jupiter conjunction speaks to the liberation and uprising of the wrath and fury that has recently erupted in the face of revelations of sexual abuse and dominance by men in power. Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio is the archetypal darker face of the Goddess.

Jupiter’s proximity can bring out the friendlier face of the dark goddess, and she may bring a flash of healing, helping us to reach into and understand the necessary deep healing of our culture’s relationship to sexuality and consequently our own sexuality. Concentrated Scorpio energy can help us to witness, appreciate and integrate our own darker aspects, places in us that have been twisted or bent. It is a good time to ask for her help, to recognize her presence and essence in our lives, and bring love to the shadowy aspects in ourselves. We can set intentions around healing the depths within us, and reclaiming the inner source of our power.

Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio is also square to the modern day co-ruler of Scorpio, Pluto. This is another layer of the working out of relational and sexual dynamics, especially relating to the relationships we have with figures of authority, or coming to know our own authority or lack of it in relationships. This can be a difficult push and pull, and Mars-Pluto aspects have been known to bring about violent eruptions. Again, here is an opportunity to go deeper within oneself, and offering up what we wish to heal and transform in our lives to the healing waters of the dark.

Wishing you a brilliantly beautiful, richly inspiring and deeply healing New Moon.

Painting by Jacek Yerka


Full Moon in Taurus, Standing Your Sacred Ground 4th November 2017, 13:22 pm, Kuala Lumpur

The eighth sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, is the quintessential sign of mystery. The Sun’s journey through Scorpio heralds the time of the year in the Northern hemisphere where after the equal night and day of the Equinox, daylight decreases and the dark ascends.

The ascending dark beckons us inward, into our inner life. We see things in the darkness that are hidden in the light, secrets and mysteries of the soul. Scorpio invites us into the depths, the underworld.
The motif of the descent into the underworld has roots in cultures all over the world. The heroine or hero quests in the underworld to recover an object, a person or to gain knowledge and power.

The underworld is awe inspiring, terrifying and ultimately generous. Through this underworld passage we learn about the cyclic nature of things. What is born must die, what dies fertilizes the ground, makes it rich and fertile for the new to be born.

We approach this Full Moon in Taurus enveloped by Scorpio energy. Jupiter, newly in the sign of Scorpio joins together with the Sun. Our heavenly messenger, Mercury is also in the sign of the Scorpion.

Jupiter is known in traditional Astrology as the great benefic. His beneficence guides us towards greater heights, and in the sign of Scorpio, into greater depths. Jupiter can help us to expand into greater possibilities. Before this is possible, there is often a clearing away, and the sign of Scorpio adds greater emphasis to this process of death before rebirth. This may be felt as painful or difficult in places and yet Jupiter invites us to stand at the precipice, to feel into the edges of these depths, and undertake the excavation of the magic and inner jewel from times of personal darkness. Jupiter is also about faith, and it could be that we find the gift of faith in our own lives at this time.

We all experience Scorpio energies in different ways. Some of us may find ourselves now working with these motifs of emerging shadow material, including lurking emotional difficulty, paranoia, fragments of terror, trauma and or experiences of death or crisis in some areas of life, including in the realm of survival, our sexuality and money/financial life. The sign of Scorpio is known to be the most healing and shamanic of energies. It bears witness and brings these difficulties to the surface. Bringing it up to the light engenders healing.

The polar opposite to Scorpio is Taurus, and this Full Moon in Taurus offers to us sweet respite, steady ground to root down into during this Scorpio season. Taurus’s tranquility and earthy strength can be a balm to the chthonic difficulties of Scorpio, and Scorpio’s passion and depth can bring vividness and meaning to Taurus’s simplicity.
This full, lush and ripe goddess of a Taurus Full Moon asks us to notice where we find the steady, sacred ground in our lives. Where can we root down into, breathe, remember and celebrate the simple truth of our lives, our bodies, our being connected to the Earth that supports us, and to nature that nourishes us? How can we give our thanks to the Earth for sustaining all of us in a million different ways?

Have you found the sacred ground in your life? Having experienced the dark, depth and soul of Scorpio, where and what in our lives will we stand for, and make sacred? How do we create steady nourishing places for us to retreat to, to replenish ourselves, to connect to the magic of life and existence? Can we offer to others going through more challenging times a place, helping them to remember their own steady, restful, sacred place?
May we all find, and stand on our sacred grounds, blessed by life, love and grace.

Photograph by Michaela Van Der Meer

Isabelle Menin7

New Moon in Libra – The revolution of relationships 3:11 am, 20th October 2017, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The zodiac sign of Libra holds and balances the tension of the opposites. Equal light and dark, inner and outer, equal parts giving and receiving in our partnerships, and in our relationship with the world.

In the natural balance of things, we human beings have an innate sense of reciprocity. There is a natural impulse in us to give when we have received, and this circulation of energy ensures that we, others around us, our environment, and all of life continues to thrive.

In the culture that has been erected, this natural knowingness and sense of mutuality has been squashed, and we are told that we need to compete, and to struggle to make sure that we get ours.

It is a propitious time at this Libra New Moon to come back into balance within ourselves, and with the world. When there is the balance, we begin to heal and thrive in our lives and relationship. New Moon times are potent for setting intentions. Venus, the goddess of love joins the New Moon in Libra, bringing added sweetness and magic, romance and beauty to this New Moon cycle. We can offer our prayers to life, and set intentions around drawing greater beauty, balance, reciprocity, love, pleasure and good relationships into our life, and for those around us.

You may want to set up a beautiful altar or offering to Venus, in the form of flowers, art and sweet smelling incense to invite her bright presence and energy into your life. You may also want to work with rose quartz crystals to draw more romance into your love. You can also work with Venus and rose quartz to bring a loving relationship into your life.

At the same time, Uranus is opposite to this New Moon in Libra, throwing his thunder bolts of awakening and revolution at the Sun and Moon. To begin a new cycle (New Moon) of true equilibrium and balance, we must first become aware of where we are out of balance, where we have lost touch with ourselves. We must also learn about who we are becoming and how we must show up, first as individuals in relationship to ourselves, then with others and the world. Uranus may inspire us, or not so gently force us to break free from relationship patterns and dynamics that keep us stuck in disempowerment.

May we all be blessed at this New Moon with awakening, beauty and love.

Art by Isabelle Menin

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