Aries Full Moon 6th October 2017, 2:40 am, Kuala Lumpur. Who dares wins

This Full Moon falls in the sign of Aries, the first sign on the wheel of the zodiac. As the first sign, Aries is related to birth, initiation, beginnings, and the primal life force and will in each of us that propels us forward in life, shaping our self hood and teaching us about courage and boldness.

Inside each of us is the flame of our true self hood. This is a flame that needs to be tended and connected with over and over again in our lifetimes. It is easy to become disconnected from this primal fire as the world, society and others around us encourage distraction, or feedback to us distorted images of who they think we are. It is an ongoing process and journey of life, reclaiming over and over again our own fire, so that we can truly claim the warrior cry of Aries, ‘I AM’.

Aries is known to be a sign of boldness, courage, anger and pure will. Life’s initiations that lead us to back to the glowing embers of our self and our life force requires all of these qualities.

We are in the season of Libra, the polar opposite principle to that of Aries. In Libra, we learn about ourselves through the mirror of relationship. We deepen in harmony, in the way of peace and co-operation.

This Full Moon highlights the balance, or lack of it in our relationships. This includes not only our partnerships, but also the way we relate to the world and to life around us. Have we sunk into a pit of lethargy, losing ourselves to the demands of the world and of others? Do our partnerships support and celebrate our essential self hood? Are our partnerships balanced and equal? In which area of life are you being asked to grow in courage and conviction?

It is a propitious time to seek re-connection with our essential selves, in and outside of our relationships. At this time, we can take one bold step forward towards living and embodying our own truth.

The flame of the true and essential self is a sacred and life giving, it takes daring to claim it, may your flame shine and burn brightly within you.


New Moon in Virgo Wholeness and Purity 20th September 2017, 1:29 pm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In all spiritual traditions it is taught that there is something indestructibly whole within us. This purity can never be corrupted, no matter our life experience. Most of us have endured feelings of being broken by life. Paradoxically, it can be said that it is this breaking open that leads us to discover the truth of our own wholeness, our connection to the divine. Virgo in the zodiacal wheel of life teaches us about wholeness, and the prerequisites that will lead us there, humility and work.

It is also understood in the healing traditions that this journey of healing and wholeness is a never ending process, we will be continually cracked open by life. Leonard Cohen, a model Virgo, sings that it is in the cracks that the light gets in. These life initiations reveal to us the great mystery in pieces. In Pisces, the opposite sign to Virgo, we glimpse the divine. In the Virgo polarity our work is to live well on this Earth plane, in our bodies, chopping wood and carrying water, tending to the details of life with devotion and service.

This New Moon features quite a line up in the sign of Virgo. Mercury, the heavenly messenger, is at home in Virgo, meeting up with our planetary lovers, Mars and Venus. This brings a clear, sobering quality to our relationships. The trio also meet up with Saturn in the coming weeks. Virgo emphasizes the practical side to our relationships. Little, daily acts of kindness and service go a long way in relationship, and in this meeting of the Virgo planets with Saturn, we may be asked to address and shift, pay attention to the little things that make a relationship work. Our expectations and ideals of relationship may also come under scrutiny. Ultimately this configuration asks how we may make our lives, our relationships and our work work for us on a practical level.

The shadow side to Virgo is self-criticism, criticism of others and the haunting feeling that one is never quite there, or done. Pay attention to the rising of the voice your inner critic, with the criticism being self-directed and directed those around you. This is a propitious time to center and set your New Moon intentions around claiming your own wholeness, and to begin breaking the cycle of self critical voices that we inherited from our parents and society around us. Zen teacher Cheri Huber has a book called “There is nothing wrong with you, breaking the cycle of self-hate”, a valuable resource for those of us who wish to heal from inner voices that are critical and crippling.

The Virgo New Moon is also an excellent time to begin a self care program, a detox, a healthier diet, or routine. Virgo is also related to planning and execution, so reflecting on how far you’ve come, and outlining the next steps of action in your life are also favored.

This is a grounded, dedicated New Moon. May the New Moon in Virgo reveal to you your wholeness. Blessings! Xo

Bruce Chatwin

Full Moon in Pisces – Star lit sea 6th September, 3.02 pm, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

We are near the middle of the season of the harvest maiden, Virgo, heading towards the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern hemisphere. At this harvest time of the year we prepare ourselves, working to reap our metaphorical harvest, tending to the details that will see us through the seasons to come.

Work, attention to detail, the maintenance of our daily lives, including the care of our bodies, health and the necessary daily routine, fall under the watchful eye of the Virgin.

Virgo is a symbol for purity and wholeness. With Virgo, we learn to pour devotion and care into our work, as an act of service to ourselves and others. In her down to earth way, Virgo teaches us the process of engaging in meaningful work and service as a way to the divine.

The shadow side of Virgo is the loss of self in work without joy or meaning. The Virgin’s shadow is being lost in infinite detail, being unable to see the forest for the trees. Mars at this Full Moon has just entered Virgo too, turning the pressure up. Criticism, of the self, of others and of life, experiencing overwhelm and anxiety are indications of being out of balance at this Virgo time.

With Virgo holding down the Earth element, we look to the Pisces Full Moon to offer us some respite from the daily grind with her wild, sweet waters. The Pisces Moon is a mystical, healing and mysterious Moon, offering us the poetry of star lit seas, release, siren song, a glimpse of the divine and compassionate healing rooted in the interconnectedness of all of life.

Life began from the waters, and Pisces is our link to the cosmic womb. This cosmic womb holds the collective memory of all of life, and our remembrance of being at one with the divine. The shadow of Pisces is delusion, addiction, escapism and madness, stemming from feelings of separation from the divine. The antidote to this is Pisces’s polarity Virgo, who teaches us how to ground our divine inspiration through practice acts of service, through mastery of skill and craft, materializing the boundless and transcendent into form.

This is a wonderful full Moon for letting go, for emotional cleansing and healing. It is also a fine time for deep dreaming, of dreaming into being that which we wish to see take form and foundation in our lives.

~ Wishing you a most magically inspired and beautiful Full Moon in Pisces ~

Photograph by Bruce Chatwin

Jonas Jodicke

Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo, Inner Light 22nd August 2017, 2.30 AM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We are in the thick of the Eclipse portal, the crescendo of which is this highly anticipated Solar Eclipse in Leo. Many of us have felt the pressure rising, internal and external. In the past weeks we witnessed eruptions of violence around the world. There is a sense of disquiet, uneasiness. This Eclipse, as with all Eclipses, has the potential and power to propel us many steps forward on our own path. First comes the rising up through the darkness into our awareness of what is buried within us, a healing, then a rebirth and renewal on the other side.
At Solar Eclipses, the Sun’s light is obscured by the Moon. Our life giving power, the brightness, the point of reference of our self is hidden, while the emotional, subconscious takes over. It can be disorientating. We are tasked with finding the stillness and quiet, praying for a renewal of the light within us to carry us forward.
In thinking about this Solar Eclipse, the imagery of the death sacrifice of the King to fertilize the land comes to mind. This story of sacrifice linked with the fertility and feeding of the land, is connected to the descending and rising sun at the Solstices. There is however, a connection we can draw to this Solar Eclipse in Leo, for Leo is the sign of the King. This Eclipses asks us to similarly sacrifice parts of our ego, to let die that which takes us away from our true sovereignty. Through this passage, we rise, blessed again by the Sun, moving in our own heart direction.
What is the sun-like, unique radiance that you bring into this world? All of us posses our own special brilliance. The first New Moon in Leo in July brought to us the a glimpse of the magical possibility of what it could be like to live a life that emanates from the heart, filled with joy and creativity. The North Node is in the sign of Leo until November of next year. The North Node is a path of collective development for all of us. In Leo, we are tasked with finding our true light, grounding in our heart, finding the courage within us to express and share our light with the world.
This Solar Eclipse presents a powerful opportunity to move ahead with taking the lead in creating our own true, magnificent and brilliant life. How can you follow your own Sun, becoming the King or Queen of your own castle?
Some questions to consider at this Solar Eclipse are, what does living a radiant, heart centered and joyful life look like to you? What makes you you? What are the unique gifts, talents and qualities that are within you, and that would be a gift to the world? Where and how can you shine and share your unique light?
The Sun is at home in Leo, and at this Solar Eclipse, there are bright, confident and bold energies that support us in bringing our heart’s deepest wishes into being. The Solar Eclipse is in an exact Trine to Uranus in Aries, helping us to make speedy changes, and to break up stagnant patterns. Our individuality is emphasized and celebrated.
The nature of Eclipses is change. This could feel highly uncomfortable to where we are resistant, or could facilitate rapid flow if we have been engaging in the process of self work. Where it falls in your natal chart, and aspects it makes to your personal planets tell the story of when are how the Eclipses influence your life. If you would like to find out more about your own Astrology, you can schedule a reading with me here.  
This Solar Eclipse has the potential to be highly creative, centering you back in your heart, and in your life. Its influence stretches from 6 months to 3 years. Enjoy the wild ride, and celebrate.

Art by Jonas Jodicke

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