Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius 2017 – In it together 8th August 2017, 2:10 AM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The portal to Eclipse season opens with this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. Eclipse times of the year opens up a portal that we are carried into. Eclipse season brings fast track change, unexpected surprise, the rupturing of the old, all in service to moving us on track with our own true path.

People will feel Eclipses to varying degrees. For some it will register as a bleep on the radar, for others, it will feel like a system meltdown, high alert alarms screaming. This depends on where the Eclipses fall in your chart, and if they are touching off personal planets and points for you.

Eclipses are directly related to two of the most important points in Astrology, the North and the South Node. They chart our individual’s soul journey, our true North.

Currently, the Nodal Axis falls in the sign of Leo (North Node), and Aquarius (South Node). They will stay in these signs until the end of next year. We have been working collectively to integrate the role and part we play in communities, with movement towards courageously living and expressing from our heart’s truth. We take our place in communities as the unique beings that we are, with something that only we can offer and bring into being in the world.

We have been moving along these lines of development since the Nodes entered Leo and Aquarius on May 9th of 2017. The Eclipses speed us along, speaking directly to how we have been working on and experiencing these themes.

Aquarius in Astrology is the genius, far seeing visionary, archetypally the one who stole fire from the Gods as a gift to humanity. In our lives, Aquarius deals with the communities and friendships we forge, our ‘tribe’.

The shadow of Aquarius is detachment and a sense of being disconnected from the world, from others, with not fitting in or finding a place where we belong. Feeling alone in a crowd and isolated can feel like death to us socially wired mammals. This Lunar Eclipse can highlight where we feel exiled. In discovering these places within ourselves, we can begin to reach out and find the way back home to ourselves, and others we want to be with.

Leo is the polarity of Aquarius, and that is where we find the Sun, conjunct to Mars at this Eclipse. The Leo Sun, being the opposite to Aquarius, is about our unique and special spark. Here we shine in the crowd. Our heart’s expression and joy is radiated out in the world, hopefully receiving the love and appreciation needed for our heart flame to burn brighter. With the Sun in Leo being conjunct to Mars, there may be an added urgency and to be seen, to express, to receive appreciation for the unique heart gifts that we offer. There may be an edge of drama or fight with Mars in the picture.

If this Lunar Eclipse is bringing up feelings of fear or resentment around themes of creative expression, being seen and valued, expression, joy, friendships, pride, anger and/or isolation, it is a a propitious time to consider balancing and reaching out to form new connections that would bring you joy, and encourage your gifts in the world. It is also a time of releasing residual patterns of isolation and pain in the heart if we feel estranged from our heart, and the world.

Jupiter in Libra in a trine to the Aquarius Moon and a sextile to the Sun and Mars in Leo brings happy opportunities in relationships. We can build our bridges back to the world, and take the first steps in creating community that supports and sustains us. Aquarius also rules technology, that is one way that we can connect with others on this beautiful planet.

We are getting ready to step more fully in our courage and heart, and pave new beginnings with the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 22nd of August. See you on the other side!

Photo by Jon Tyson


New Moon in Leo, Heart beat 23rd July, 5.45 pm Kuala Lumpur

This New Moon in Leo is the first of two New Moons falling in the sign of the lion. Solar light is now at its maximum, lighting the way for us as we prepare to enter the portal of Eclipse season.

Eclipses bring about dramatic and often surprising change. They open up new pathways, revealing to us where we need to pay attention, and how to get on track if we have wandered off our own paths. It may be a gentle re direction to the important things in life, or a major turning point, depending on where it falls in your chart.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. In Astrology, it is the center of our lives, our unique spark of life’s light within. Now, and leading up to the Eclipse, we will be tasked with tending to this flame.

Leo is joyful, radiant, heart-centered, playfully creative and expressive. Now is the time to discover, or dust off cobwebs that obscure our shine, connecting with others with whom we can celebrate ourselves, each other and life.

The heart beam of Leo begins with focusing on the self. Hearing and honoring the heart, then summoning the courage to express and live what is found in the heart. How can we best tend to, encourage ourselves and others to shine, to share our unique gifts in the world?

The sky blazes with fiery fierceness and momentum as Mars, our Astrological god of war stands guard with the New Moon. Mars brings an extra edge to our New Moon. There is a push to get on with it, to do, connect, assert and birth that which is creative and special within ourselves. This New Moon is a propitious time to plant seeds for future creative projects and set intentions for cultivating joy and happiness in our life.

In the backdrop of this New Moon is also an opposition from Saturn to Venus. In our celebration and heart offering to the world, we may find that we run up against social and relational misunderstanding, challenges. Here, Saturn provides a weighted counterpoint, asking us to navigate how we can sustain the creative fire in our partnerships and social connections. With a sextile to Mercury in Leo however, some fun, color, and creativity in our communications should help to diffuse tensions.

This is a fun and feisty New Moon that carries us towards the peak of the Solar Eclipse New Moon on August 21. The window is open for us now to ignite our own heart’s fire. Wishing you a most happy, joy filled Leo New Moon.

Photo by Brigette Tohm

Hans Braxmeier

Full Moon in Capricorn – Dark Dance 9th July 2017, 12:06 pm, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The first full Moon of the Summer falls in the stoic, no nonsense sign of Capricorn. In the sign of the mountain goat, the Moon is in the opposition position of her home ground of Cancer. Cancer is the sign of sweet nourishment, presiding over that which gives us a sense of safety. Family, our roots, our quiet inner spaces where we connect to our feelings and sense of belonging, these are are sweet waters of Cancer.

Yet Cancer, symbolized by the crab with its tough outer shell is also protective and tenacious. The sensitivities of Cancer will be stirred up at this time, as the Sun is joined by Mars in Cancer. At each
Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon stand on opposite ground, the Sun illuminating and bringing something in our lives to light. This Full Moon however, has an extra atmosphere of tension in the air, it is that of fight, of tension erupting in situations that are bringing themselves to light. These situations are likely to involve our families, our relationships, our goals and vision for ourselves.
This is not an easy full Moon by any means. The Moon is conjunct to Pluto, dredging up sleeping skeletons buried in history. The stark, harsh black and white realities of our personal challenges, frustrations and anger is likely to surface now. The Cancer Sun and Mars might have us feeling vulnerable and rawer than usual. It might be wise to take a step or two back now, and tend to ourselves and others with gentle kindness.
We can use the Capricorn Full Moon to identify and break down our long term vision into small steps, and tap into our source or inner power and determination. The Capricorn Full Moon is excellent for helping us to practically map and organize the steps that need to be taken towards our own success. Slow and steady like the mountain goat. How we work together with our partners, our boundaries and expectations may need to be renegotiated, depending on what surfaces now. However, it is best to proceed cautiously when dealing with relationships now.
The sextile from the Sun and Moon to Neptune, strong in its own sign of Pisces, reminds us to remember the larger dream. Neptune in Pisces also helps in soothing the harsher edges of the Moon and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon in Capricorn is all about hard work, and the baseline reality. Neptune in Pisces can help us to remember the inspiration and dream that makes it all worth it.
Happy Full Moon in Capricorn. May each step you take towards your personal pinnacle be filled with joy and inspiration.
Photo by Hans Braxmeier from



New Moon in Cancer, Heart, Hearth and Home 24 June, 10.30 am, Kuala Lumpur

We welcomed the Summer solstice just two days ago. As the Moon follows the Sun’s heels into Cancer, there is a perceptible shift in energy. The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sun, at the height of its strength, is in the sign of the Moon, Cancer. There is a meeting here of the Yin and the Yang. It is a propitious time to align our goals with our hearts and minds, as we can more easily attune to the inner seat of the soul.

Cancer is a sign of protection. It is the instinctive protectiveness of mothers of their young. What is most precious within us, that which we want to bring into the world also requires the nurturing, nourishing, feminine protection of Cancer. Where the Sun helps us to grow into our destiny and potential, the Moon cares for and nourishes our heart and soul. This New Moon is fertile ground for us to seed intentions and wishes for that which we wish to birth into the world.

We may also feel a longing to anchor, and to burrow deeper into what is familiar and familial. Some of us may feel the soul’s aching for a sense of belonging. We may want to set intentions or wishes around grounding and creating a sense of home for ourselves, within ourselves. What kind of life, family and relationships will give us a sense of safety, nourishment, belonging, a sense of being at home with who we are, in the world?

There has been of late, especially in the last month, a dominance of Air and Fire energy. There has been movement, exuberance, new connections formed, inspired ideas and action. Now, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer, as well as Neptune in Pisces, the shift at this time is towards one of sensitivity, feeling, internal considering and emotion.

There are difficult moments with this New Moon, and in the following weeks as Mars squares Jupiter and opposes Pluto. With Pluto, it may feel like a test of power, or an excavation of unpleasant material. It may feel raw. For some it may be a difficult emotional passage or eruption. However, there is support , with Venus strong in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer, and Neptune trine to Mars.

Mars is also in square aspect to Jupiter. We may become extra sensitive around the subject of justice, balance, fairness and boundaries in relationships, particularly familial relationships. We might feel moved or provoked to fight, to protect our vulnerabilities and boundaries, or those of others. With the aspects to Pluto and Jupiter, things can feel magnified, and out of our depth. Doing grounding practices, reaching out to connect with someone, being out in Nature, or spending time near natural bodies of water can be immensely healing if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Wishing you blessed New Moon in Cancer, rich with that which is good for the soul, hearth, heart and home.

Art by Tatsuro Kiuchi

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