Full Moon in Sagittarius – Glowing Embers 9 June 2017, 9:09 pm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A blazing and beautiful fire Trine is lighting up the sky. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is part of that fire Trine. The Moon edges in close to Saturn, with Uranus and the North Node in Leo making up the rest of the Trine.

Vitality, joy, enthusiasm, inspiration and a zest for living, this is Fire. It is the very stuff of Life. In the Trine, Uranus in Aries brings the focus back to our selves. This is where we need to individuate and do things differently in order to be true to ourselves.

The North Node in Leo encourages us to play, to find delight in creative expression, and to brightly shine. The Moon is Sagittarius is a wanderer, a visionary explorer of high truths and meaning. The usual exuberance of the Moon in Sagittarius is tempered by Saturn at this Full Moon. Saturn puts the faith, optimism and truth we have gathered to the test. Through Saturn’s cauldron, our wisdom becomes grounded, our truth and faith purified.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius, hanging out with old master Saturn can give us the broader view of our life. At the same time, we can come to understand our own limitations, and how we may work to overcome them. We have an easy rapport and support with Uranus and the North Node, offering innovative solutions to move forward with bringing our creative visions into manifest reality.

This Fire Trine is a great opportunity to re-connect with what brings you joy. The lack of the Fire element in one’s life can bring a feeling that life lacks color, fun or meaning. Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes that each of us have within us an ember, a spark of divine creativity. If this spark is not tended, it remains glowing, waiting for the breathe to ignite it to bring it to a leaping, dancing blaze. So it is with our unique creativity, with our passion and joy for life. It is a propitious time to tend to the fire in your life.

Astro Aeipathy

New Moon in Gemini, Magic Words. 26th May 2017 3:44 am, Kuala Lumpur

The Sun’s entry into Gemini wakes within us a stirring towards novelty. Gemini delights in adventure, and in the breadth and variety of experience. This New Moon in Gemini brings about the characteristic energetic lightness and fluidity of Gemini. There are however, other planetary energies playing out to be considered.

Gemini, and its ruler Mercury, preside over matters related to cognition, language, teaching and learning, writing and thinking. In the season of Gemini, our thoughts, the way we communicate with each other, the messages that we give and receive, our thought patterns, whether positive or negative come to the fore front.

At this New Moon, apart from the Sun and Moon being in Gemini, we also find Mars in Gemini, coming to an opposition to planetary heavy weight, Saturn. While Gemini is concerned with the accumulation of information, and with connecting the dots, Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to consider the weight of our words and ideas. Saturn can help us commit to our worthy ideas, and show us what is necessary for true vision an meaning in our lives. Saturn may task us with the challenge of first overcoming an obstacle, or he can bring about delays and a slowing down, asking us to re align with that which truly has meaning for us.

What are our ideas and our words worth in this time of information overload? What is the quality of our communication now that we commute through our phone and computer screens?

I was blessed with opportunities to sit in local ceremonies when I lived in Gabon. Their indescribably beautiful songs, stories and dances are handed down orally, through generations. Today, this is still the way the teachings and songs live on. I was struck by the richness of feeling and spirit that flowed through their voices and their songs, it was alive with the breath of the ancestors.

I feel grateful for my encounter with their oral tradition. It taught me something I had not known about before. The possibility of intimacy in knowledge. I realized that writing and reading as a means to learn is not ‘more sophisticated’. Oral traditions preserve a secret presence, an aliveness and love that is passed down through the generations, forging a web of living relationships.

With technology, I miss that quality of presence and attention in my day to day communications.
It is however, at this New Moon, a propitious time to set intentions and wishes around the kind of encounters and communication we wish to have in our lives. It is also a powerful time to set intentions for the kind of thought patterns we would like.

Magicians and healers in the times of old, and in present time, understand the power and magic of words. Writer and Magician Alan Moore talks about Magic as language. To him, Art and Words are Magic, as they bring about change in consciousness. He mentions that a grimmor, a book of spells kept by Witches or Magicians is another word for grammar.

At this New Moon in Gemini, may we come to know the weight and the Magic that is contained in our thoughts and words.

Baba Jaga

Full Moon in Scorpio, Invisible depths 11th May 2017, 5:42 am, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When the Moon enters the sign of Scorpio, we are plunged into invisible depths. What is buried beneath the surface rises for us to look at, and to acknowledge.

Psychology teaches us that the shadow aspect of ourselves is what has, within us, been rejected, buried and denied. How do parts of ourselves end up in the shadow? We learned early on, from our parents, society, peers and religion what facets of ourselves gained approval, and what was ‘unacceptable’ to those around us.

What was considered dangerous, such as anger or rage, or uncomfortable, such as grief and sorrow were ‘unacceptable’ and pushed underground. Perhaps growing up it was unacceptable to express or own our power, or to express our own unique talents of creativity, intelligence or empathy. Our gifts too, go underground, waiting for us to reclaim them.

Scorpio is the intrepid explorer of the great depths of the human shadow. Scorpio teaches us that it is through embracing our shadow, and being comfortable in the dark that we are made whole. This Full Moon in Scorpio is an invitation for us to edge into our own shadow, to begin to work of bringing kindness and understanding to the disowned parts of us that have been living in the dark.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is Sextile to its own ruler, Pluto in the sign of Capricorn, signaling the support and anchoring of any transformation that is set in motion by what this Full Moon reveals. The Moon is opposite to the grounded, steady and tranquil Sun in Taurus. We can feel into, and see where we are secure, stable and grounded in life. Where is the place and foundation we have in our lives that we can lean into for support during times of overwhelm or challenge?

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio. May you find courage in your heart, and inspiration from the Mystery of the Scorpio Moon.

Art by Tin Can Forest

Ricardo Reitmeyer

New Moon in Taurus – Back to the Garden 26th April 2017, 20:16 pm Kuala Lumpur

Lush, grounded, sensual and stable. These are words that come to mind when we think about the sign of the Bull, Taurus. New Moon times are periods that offer a clean slate. During this time we can divine, feel what is wanting to emerge in our lives, and set the intentions for our best way forward.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus, meaning that Luna thrives when she is in the sign of Taurus.
The Moon is the nurturer and nourisher of life, and Taurus is a sign of lush abundance, fertility, tranquil nature and growth.

Taurus is a sign of slowness and stability. At this New Moon, Taurus supports us in slowing down. How often do we allow ourselves to deeply relax? It is a propitious time to do so now, and to deeply connect with our bodies. We can listen lovingly to the messages our body is sending us, and to affirm to our body, our love and appreciation. We can take the time to luxuriate in our senses, to stop, deeply ground down to the Earth that supports and gives us life.

The New Moon in Taurus also asks us to take stock of what is growing in the metaphorical gardens of our lives. What needs tending, and are we pleased with what we find in our gardens? Taurus, being ruled by Venus also relates to our values, our resources, possessions, money. The sign of the Bull is about what sustains us in life. How we relate to the Earth and to our bodies. How we take care of our environment, by having the right relationship to the Earth, and to resources. During this time we can work on our affirmations, and set our intentions around prosperity and abundance.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus in the final degree of Pisces, where she is also Exalted. This speaks to the deep pool of nourishing, creative and life sustaining Yin, Feminine energies that are available for us at this New Moon to draw upon.

With the Feminine Yin Earth and Water energies, we also find in the Sky quite a bit of Fire. Saturn is in Sagittarius, with a Retrograde Mercury in Aries, along with Uranus in Aries. We may be getting flashes of vision, and/or brilliant ideas that we would like to see manifest. Saturn supports the grounding of these ideas. Saturn is however, squared to Venus, suggesting that there is something to work out. What needs working out has something to do with the process and translation, of bringing our dreams, our love and inspiration to form. We will be tasked to work within our boundaries. Fire is the inspiration and vision, and Earth is the tangible reality of Form.

This New Moon in Taurus brings sweetness, slowness and a center of calm. May you be blessed with at this New Moon with abundance, sweetness and connection.

Photo by Ricardo Reitmeyer

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