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Full Moon in Libra – Lucky Edge 11th April 2017, 2:08 pm Kuala Lumpur

This Full Moon in Libra pivots in an highly charged Astrological formation. This T-square formation is an unruly combination of both luck and danger. Tension, excitement, intensity, sudden breakthroughs and breakdowns are the order of the day.

The Moon is conjoined with the great benefic Jupiter in the sign on Libra, the sign of partnership. We can expect all manner of relationship matters to be brought to the fore. Full Moons are a culmination point, and bring about illumination and conscious realizations. We are seeing and understanding something deeper about partnerships and love now. Jupiter may bring a boon, and a blessing. Though the Full Moon is locked in the challenging T-square formation, we may still tap into and experience the energy of harmony, co-operation and peace making. We may even find our lucky edge.

Libra is ruled by Venus, who has been Retrograde since March the 4th. (Venus will go direct on April 15th) We have already been reviewing and dealing with Venus related matters during her retrograde, hopefully learning and understanding important lessons about our relationships, finances, values, appearance, and our relationship to pleasure, beauty and the arts. The Retrograde phases of the planets allow us a glimpse into the inner workings of their principles in our lives. In what ways have you been deepening during this Venus Retrograde?

The other players in this T-square formation are the Sun conjoined with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. There is plenty of spark and high energy running through the cosmic circuits here. The conversation between Sun-Uranus and Moon-Jupiter here are about blazing one’s own individual path, verus working together to support and arrive at mutual goals.

The key to oppositions is balance, and to honor both sides of the equation. Bearing in mind that Venus is still retrograde, it is a time to assess and strategize priorities in our lives and in our relationships, and to initiate and implement changes after Venus moves direct. It is beneficial to keep a cool head and some perspective now as the planetary aspects are volatile and excitable.

Pluto, cosmic heavyweight, is the final leg of this T-square. Pluto calls for the unearthing of unhealthy structures and power dynamics. Ultimately, what is brought up to the surface allows for transmutation, a clearing of what is dead and no longer working. Pluto brings an atmosphere of intensity, sometimes difficulty and pain. He points the way to what is painful within ourselves, in our shadow so that we may let go, heal, transform. Configured so intimately at this Full Moon we may want to remember to be extra gentle with ourselves and others.

Wishing you a supremely lucky and blessed Full Moon.

Artwork by Kaljo Pollu

Mark Henson snail logic

Aries New Moon 2017 Fire, my will 28th March 2018, 10:57 am

This Aries New Moon lights up the sky with new beginnings and direction. Aries, the sign of the Ram is the first Zodiac sign, and brings us into the Spring season. Life returns after winter. There is life force, warmth and excitement running through our veins.

The Sun and the Moon in Aries is joined by a retrograde Venus in Aries. Since Venus entered her retrograde phase on the 15th of March, we have been looking back over, and re-learning important Venusian lessons. Relationships, love, money, our values, our aesthetics and appearance are Venusian matters that flow and work differently during her retrograde phase. They require our inner reflection and attention. What has been coming up for you during her retrograde phase?

Venus’s retrograde in Aries brings up subjects of self, will, direction and independence in relationship. Who are you inside of relationship, and who are you by your self? Are you able to remain centered in your self in relationship? Is there room to express yourself, your will, desire and anger in relationship in a healthy way?

Uranus and Mercury are also in Aries, opposite Jupiter in Libra, further underlining the theme of focusing on the self, self-love and self care. Our closest partnerships at this time will reflect this back to us.

Most importantly, what is the relationship to yourself like? Is there anything that requires change?
This Aries New Moon is propitious time to become clearer about your personal desires and needs, and to figure out how you can bring more of what you want and love into your life. Give to yourself the gift that only you can give.

New Moon blessings to you.

Artwork by Mark Henson http://markhensonart.com

Moki Mioki

Full Moon in Virgo – Jewel in the wound 12th March 2017 22:53, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Full Moon in Virgo draws us back to the element of Earth. That is, to our physical bodies and environment. The planet Mars, presiding over our will and action taking in the world, has also just entered the sign of Taurus, another Earth sign. The qualities of Earth that shine through now point to deliberate slowness, planning, endurance, investing in the long term future, taking care of our physical lives, sensuality, connection to our bodies, to nature.

Virgo as a sign is concerned with the sense of wholeness within our selves. Virgo demonstrates self-containment, efficiency, purity and order. At the Full Moon, we see two opposite principals at work. The Sun and the Moon, the energies of the Masculine and Feminine, Diurnal and Nocturnal, the Yin and Yang at their maximum fullness. Energy is heightened, brims over, the Sun shines a light and illuminates something within ourselves and in our lives.

The opposite to the Moon in Virgo is the Sun in Pisces. The Piscean opposite to Virgoan order is Divine Chaos. Where Virgo draws boundaries between herself and her inner wholeness, Pisces flows boundless, feeling connection to all life, formless, deep and elusive.

The secret of all oppositions is the opposing signs needs to realize the qualities of the ‘other’. Virgo needs Pisces’s ability to let go and be inspired, Pisces needs Virgo’s ability to ground down to Earth, to master the skills to bring creative inspiration into manifestation.

This particular Full Moon has an added dimension. The ruler of the Full Moon in Virgo is Mercury in Pisces, conjoined with the Sun and Chiron in Pisces. Our journey towards wholeness and gaining good grounding in our lives at this lunation involves allowing our intuition and feeling lives to lead the way.

Mercury together with Chiron and the Sun in Pisces lights up an area within ourselves where we feel a familiar, lingering soul wound or pain. Chiron brings wisdom and healing through the process of deepening our capacity to be more compassionate to our suffering and the suffering of others. At this Full Moon, we may dream, intuit, and feel our way into what is ripe for healing within ourselves. The Moon in Virgo points to bringing it back down to the level of the body, integrating on the level of body, heart and soul. The wound heals and turns into a jewel.

A well of divine inspiration, feeling and creativity abound at this Full Moon. It is a propitious time to bring into tangible form a divinely gifted idea or vision.

May this Full Moon be brightly inspiring and blessed for you.

Art by Moki Mioke http://www.mioke.de

Whale and calf

Pisces Solar Eclipse – Upstream, Downstream 26th February, 10:58 pm, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Solar Eclipses are especially powerful New Moons. They are wild cards, bringing unexpected events into our life. Eclipse times are portals for change, revealing to us, somewhat like a cosmic report card, where we are.

If we have been taking steady and right action in our lives, on our true path, we may find ourselves happily and suddenly ahead. If we have been some what off path, Eclipses can be times of course correction, bringing circumstances and events that compel us to slow down, reflect and begin to make the changes needed in our lives.

The energy around the Eclipses can be intense, and emotional. This is especially true for this Solar Eclipse in Pisces, where we find five planets and the Moon’s nodes in Pisces, a sensitive, deeply emotional sign. We can take care of ourselves now by grounding, drinking plenty of water, connecting to bodies of water that we love, such as the sea, or a favourite lake, creating a safe space for ourselves to feel deeply, to dream, to express our deep inner dreams and spirit stirrings through music, poetry or art.

This Solar Eclipse in Pisces asks us to deeply connect with our soul and spirit. This is a propitious time to connect to that which truly inspire us, the dreams that we live for, that which our spirit longs for.

Solar Eclipses are fresh starts, this particular one however, is connected to the South Node, which speaks to a story of our past. There is something ripe here to be released, and grieved. Perhaps it is an old dream which never came true, and needs to be let go of. Perhaps there are old emotional patterns, or ways of perceiving that holds us back from truly becoming who we know in our hearts we want to become. Perhaps we need some help discerning the illusions from the true, rich dreams of our life. How are the currents of your life moving? Are you moving up or downstream?

In Shamanic and Magical traditions, as well as in the Law of Attraction teachings, it is recognized that we have the power to dream reality into being. We are all together dreaming the collective reality that we live in. This gives us tremendous power and responsibility to take charge of our dreams. What new dreams are being born in your life? How will you nourish and nurture it, in this new cycle, so that it is a source of vitality and strength and inspiration in your life?

Along with all the Water in the sky, there the Fire of Mars and Uranus in Aries. Mars and Uranus is opposite to Jupiter in Libra and this is a potentially volatile, angry aspect. Watch for people being edgy, heated and reactive. Jupiter in Libra could magnify and exaggerate differences in relationships, with one or both partners feeling like they need to pull away, be by themselves for a while.

Venus in Aries is also about to go retrograde soon too, on March the 5th until April 15th, so we can expect to see the themes of needing to rework and revision our selves, in and out of relationships during this period.

Stay happy, inspired and connected. Wishing you a most brilliant and fruitful Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

Photograph by Anuar Patjane Floriuk


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