Vanina Tsvetkova, Visual Artist
"It feels wondrous to be guided through time and space. As a magical touch of the gods. My gratitude is standing aye for you Melissa! It's so thrilling experience, but comforting at the same time. Most of us know things intuitively, but our mind rejects it as a true. If this intuition is enlightened through the lens of astrology, heart, soul and mind starts working together. Thank you Mel for your guidance and goodness! May the might be with you!"
"My reading with Melissa was a gift from my best friend, after her own reading a few months earlier. She was very moved by her discussions with Melissa, and by everything she had learned. I found my experience with Melissa to be very similar. It was an emotional experience for me, as many of the observations she raised directly reflected my state of mind or indeed, the state of my life at the time. She was able to address some of my more pressing concerns and provide simple, valuable advice on how to live my life more fruitfully.  The more we talked, the more rooted I felt. I become increasingly reassured that there were many forces in this universe of ours - both good and bad - and that with the right attitude, mentality and spirituality, I can navigate the madness of it all and still flourish. With her calm, gentle voice and tranquil presence, it really was a beautiful experience and I'm sure that I will turn to Melissa again many more times in the future for her advice and insight."





Sumitra Gopal, Documentary Film Maker





Jean Paul Valdes, Founder and Director, The Valdes Group


"It is easy to get swept up by things and feel powerless at the hands of fate, but its also just as easy to give yourself a choice. Mel's astrological readings give you just that, a choice. I have experienced several different peoples readings and one thing that I found and enjoyed so much about Mel's readings is that I have a choice in how things go for me. While external pressures may exist, Mel has the ability to provide you insight, perspective and suggest solutions for how you can adjust and/or correct what is going on. I have yet to have a reading with Mel that I didn't have something to take on, a lesson I took away or a really concise explanation for what is happening in the world around me. I am have regularly been wowed by her ability to take the readings and relate them in understandable ways. Mel is truly gifted at not just reading but also providing counsel and clarity on the situations, both of which I highly appreciate and endorse. I have great faith in Mel's ability to provide readings and recommend her to anyone who is even remotely curious."

"I have done a number of readings with various astrologers and Melissa Lin’s astrology readings are some of the most in depth and accurate readings that I have received. Her readings have not only been fundamentally accurate in terms of prediction but has also helped me to understand what I am going through, particularly during challenging times, and has helped me make the most of the strengths and weaknesses in a year. With her advice and insight, I have been able to focus on areas that are most supported rather than struggling against the tide. This has brought me relief, greater clarity and more success in my life. I highly recommend her readings to anyone."

Nadine Valdes, Director and Principal Coach, The Valdes Group




Jaime Shine, owner of Heartworks Holistic center and healer


"Melissa's gift in reading astrology is unique, able to see far deeper than the basics and bringing through her deep wisdom in reading the interaction between your chart to give you the guidance you need to move positively forward.  Her caring and warm ways brings forth much needed encouragement to gently make the necessary decisions in my life. I highly recommend a session with her especially when you need to make decisions in life or looking for guidance on moving forward in your life. "

"Melissa is a very skillful, intuitive and unassuming astrologer. She has a clear  map of the major forces influencing my charts, but not once did she make any pronouncements about what she saw without taking the time to contextualise and understand my growth. This I think is the mark of a true astrologer with depth. Any astrologer could give you a broad overview of your internal makeup from the natal charts. BUT not all are careful, respectful, and could illuminate the seeker's journey in the way that is needed like Melissa does."



Dr Julia Lim



   Belle Love Lee

"I had a very insightful reading done by Mel. I found her to be a great listener and very intuitive. She was able to give me some very detailed and accurate readings which I felt were very relevant to me at that time. I had many questions and she was able to go in depth given her vast knowledge and gave me much clarity. I came away intrigued, inspired and hopeful about my situation and what lay ahead of me. I would definitely consider doing more readings with her."

"Melissa’s readings are always helpful and insightful. Based on her detailed technical knowledge of the workings of the planets, and bolstered by her intuition, she expertly unearths the crux of the issue at hand, and advises her clients on how to best work with the energies influencing them. Furthermore, she never hesitates to answer her clients’ questions and provide more clarity when needed."


Kavita Devi, Teacher


Teresa Tong, Superwoman


“Melissa is a passionate yet caring astrologer. Regardless of the type of readings you do with her, she prunes them with gentle insights while remaining precise and to the point. Always positive and reassuring, she is a great astrologer to consult.”

"Mel gave me two readings, at two different turning points in my life. They have been very helpful, profound, and uplifting! Her readings offered an insightful map to my personal trajectory, marking important milestones and potential landmarks I need to pay attention to. She is not only attentive to what’s going on with your life, but also sensitive and genuinely interested in the unfolding of your personal journey. Her reading is spot on and she suggests ways to navigate obstacles in a practical way. I’ve been able to get much clarity and fresh outlook in my goals and direction!"


Mooza Mohd, Youth and community leader


   Sonya P 

"Each time I speak to Mel, I'm struck anew by her gentle, welcoming energy, her clarity of thought and the balanced insights she offer. It's a wonderful combination that helps to demystify life, the universe and everything else, and the reason I seek her out before major transitions. Like your favourite teacher in school, she cares - and you feel it."

"Melissa is an intuitive astrologer.  She is attentive to her client's needs. Her reading comes from place of love and support.  You will feel that she is grounded, authentic yet artistic in a very inspiring way."


           Yoo Sun Chung